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Why Tell-A-Friend Marketing?

  • Instant Word-Of-Mouth - Turn your existing visitors into Referral Magnets. Immediately begin attracting new visitors to your website.
  • Targeted Traffic - Watch your new visitors fly straight to the bull's eye. People refer friends they KNOW are interested, and send them right where YOU want them.
  • Instant Credibility - A referral gives you real credibility in the mind of a new visitor. Your job is halfway done before they even SEE your website.
  • Beyond Advertising - Referrals go places other advertising can't - turning people who would never have heard of you into interested visitors.
  • Better Conversion Rates - Interested visitor, solid credibility, targeted content that YOU control. That's the perfect recipe for conversion. (What's A Conversion?)
  • Real-Time Feedback - Know exactly what people are saying about your site. Know what pages are referred, and why. Living, breathing visitors, with real opinions. Web stats just can't compete!
  • Lasting Customer Relationships - Someone who just gave you a referral must like what they see. Want to stay in touch with them? Our one-click opt-in feature will catch 'em while they're hot!
The Bottom Line?
Tell A Friend King multiplies your visitors, adding the creme de la creme of high-quality traffic - referrals.

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Use "Tell A Friend" Marketing for Serious Results!

Looking for the creme de la creme of high quality traffic?

Want people who have high interest levels, already trust your credibility, and want what you have?

Referrals from tell a friend marketing are it! Referrals have always been an extremely powerful way of gaining customers.

This is especially true for the web, where trust levels can be very low for new visitors.

In this environment, a referral from a trusted source can make all the difference in converting a visitor into a customer.

In fact, tell-a-friend referrals bring the best traffic a website can get, because a referral adds real credibility to your message.

A recent study showed that:
  • More than half (53%) of Internet users had visited websites referred by friends or family members in the previous 30 days. (

That's where we come in. Tell A Friend King is the fastest-growing, most successful, professional word of mouth marketing tool available today.

We have extended the tell a friend concept far beyond the limitations of traditional scripts and services.

Our customers use our service to gain referrals, raise conversion rates, "listen in" for feedback about their website, and gain high quality subscribers for their opt-in marketing lists.

How powerful can referrals be? If you're like most website owners, you depend on the results of your website for at least part of your income.

Perhaps you use your site to make sales directly, or just to generate leads, spread interest in your product or services, or add opt-in subscribers to your newsletter.

Whatever the purpose of your website, you can and should expect tangible results from it. It should directly benefit your business by providing revenue, sales leads, opt-in subscribers, or other real benefit to your business.

Like most of us, you probably hate the fact that most visitors will fly right through your website without generating any revenue, or benefiting your business in any way. In fact, only a small percentage of visitors will ever benefit your business in any way.

If so you will be happy to know that you are in good company. Most successful website owners feel exactly the same way.

In fact, one thing that all successful website owners have in common is that they ask, and successfully answer, one very important question:

How can I turn more of my visitors into customers?

Successfully answering this question can have a HUGE impact on the success of your website.

Take our own website for example:

What's a Conversion?

A "Conversion" is a visitor who is guided into taking a desired action through your website.

In other words, if a person visits your website and does what you want, providing real benefit, rather than just leaving, it counts as a conversion.

Conversion is the difference between "Just another visitor" and "Yes, a new Customer!"

The converting action is usually a purchase, but could be some other action like contacting you to become a sales lead, subscribing to your newsletter, completing a survey, or signing up for a service.

The "Conversion Rate" of a website is the percentage of visitors who become conversions. It is an excellent measure of the success of your website.

You probably found us through a website ad or a search engine like Google.

The industry standard for traffic from such sources says there is only about a 1-2% conversion rate for traffic from these sources. In our case, that would mean a 1-2% chance that you, our current visitor, will start your free trial with us today.

Those odds seem pretty skimpy compared to the 10-20% chance we'd have if you'd been referred to us through the button at the top of this page.

We would be about TEN TIMES as likely to convert you if you had been referred here! Of course we'll do the best we can anyway - you see, we take our "Conversion Rates" very seriously.

After all, we invested time and money in this website, and in getting you here to read it. A low conversion rate would mean we had wasted all that effort. On the other hand, if we could increase our conversion rate even a few percent, it would have a huge impact on our business.

For example, if we had the usual 2% conversion rate (ours is quite a bit higher, but that's the standard), and we could raise it to 4%, that would give us a 4% chance that each visitor (that's you) would start their free trial today.

That may not sound like much, but it would DOUBLE our number of new customers this month. Even tripling the amount of traffic to most sites can't do that!

In fact, you'll never hear us brag about how much traffic our website had today, because we don't care. Most sources of traffic have extremely low conversation rates, so are of very little benefit. After all, you can't take 'hits' to the bank.

What you WILL hear us brag about is how many people stepped out of that traffic stream, started their free trial, loved it, saw how quickly our service will pay for itself (many times over), and signed up. New customers! Now there's something to brag about, and we do - it drives our friends crazy!

But enough about us, let's talk about you for a moment. Sure, you have a website, but, more importantly, you have a reason for your website. You want some real, tangible RESULTS from it. Otherwise, why bother?

We feel the same way, and so do our customers. They know what they want from their visitors, and they focus on getting it. They expect their visitors to take some action, such as:
  • Make a purchase
  • Become a qualified sales lead
  • Subscribe to a newsletter
  • Take a Quiz or Survey
  • Read an article
  • View a portfolio
  • Absorb other important information

They measure their success in terms of conversions, not just traffic. They want more customers, not just visitors. They focus, not only on getting more people to their website, but on getting more of the right people. Interested, relevant people who are good prospects for what their site has to offer, and who are likely to take action and provide results.

Simply stated, our customers expect a great Return On Investment (ROI) for the time and money they've invested in having a website.

That's why referrals are so important. Referrals may account for only a small portion of the traffic to most websites, but they have a HUGE conversion rate, far beyond traffic from other sources.

A referral from a trusted source can make all the difference in turning "just another visitor" into a new customer.

And that's EXACTLY what Tell A Friend King does. We help you get more referrals, higher conversion rates, and better ROI from your existing website and visitors.

Case Study:

Traffic Source: Conversion Rate:
Search Engines & Other Advertising: 1%
Website Referrals: Tell A Friend King:   15%

Compare: Advertising Cost Per Order:
Cost-per-click (CPC) vs. Tell A Friend King:

Compare the number of conversions, and the advertising cost of acquiring each conversion:

Cost-Per-Click Advertising:
(8,000 Visitors) X (1% Conversions) = 80 Orders
(8,000 Visitors) X (20? Cost-per-click) = $1,600 CPC Fee
Cost of gaining each order ($1,600 / 80): $20 Per Order

Tell A Friend King (Website Referrals):
(8,000 Visitors) X (15% Conversions) = 1,200 Orders
Yearly Tell A Friend King Fee*: $50
Cost of gaining each order ($50 / 1,200): $0.04 Per Order

Take one of our customers as an example, a popular sports memorabilia site. Based on past numbers, they expect to get about 8,000 referrals as a result of using our service this year.

They estimate a 10-20% conversion rate (Estimate at 15%) for those 8,000 referrals.

That means they expect to gain about 1,200 extra orders this year, just from referrals.

Compare this to cost-per-click (CPC) and other advertising, which they estimate has about a 1% conversion rate. At that rate, the same number of visitors would only have generated about 80 orders.

Worse yet, the cost-per-click traffic to get those 80 orders would have cost them $1,600, even if their per-click cost was only 20?.

We don't know this customer's actual cost-per-click fees, so we estimated low. Most popular keywords cost more than 20? per click. In fact, many popular keywords range from $0.50 to $3.00 per click!

Given the above, how much would they have paid to get the same 1,200 orders from cost-per-click that they got from using Tell A Friend King? At a 1% conversion rate, 1,200 orders would take 120,000 visitors, each costing 20? (estimating low again). That comes to $24,000 in cost-per-click fees!

That comparison doesn't even count the added bonus of opt-in email subscribers. Each visitor who made a referral was also encouraged to sign up for the website's newsletter, and many did. Marketing to that list over time could actually bring in more than the original 1,200 orders in repeat business!

Imagine what you could do with a list of subscribers who loved your site so much that they would tell their friends about it? You can't buy a list like that!

Of course we're not saying anyone should give up cost-per-click, or any other advertising methods.

Tell A Friend Marketing greatly increases the effectiveness of other marketing strategies, but you should still do other marketing. Just remember that much of your traffic, and your marketing budget, will be wasted if you aren't leveraging referrals to get higher conversion rates. Who would spend time and money advertising a website, and then pass up a chance to improve their response?

As powerful as referrals can be for your business, we are always amazed at how many websites let this powerful source of new customers go to waste. For some reason the idea of using "Tell-A-Friend" marketing (which is really the same as Word-of-Mouth advertising, Referral Marketing, or Viral Marketing) is seen as a trivial concept by many websites owners (like your competition, hopefully).

Even more amazing is how even some of our own competitors think word of mouth referrals are a trivial concept. They offer a "free tell a friend" service to website owners, then turn around and use that service as a billboard for their own company, harvest data through it for their own marketing efforts, and sell referral data to opt-in list brokers.

Talk about a way to annoy your visitors! Somebody gives you a referral through that "free" tell a friend service, and the next day their inbox starts piling high with ads for cheap mortgages and adult pharmaceuticals, or whatever the buyers of that opt-in list are sending out.

It's unlikely that the companies offering those free services think much about the service they offer, except as a way to MARKET THEMSELVES and GET YOUR DATA.

At Tell A Friend King, we believe that gaining referrals is the farthest thing from a trivial idea. We consider it a great way to grow your customer base, increase your conversion rates, get more new business, and even get more repeat business with opt-in subscribers.

We believe that referrals are linked to conversion rates, which are linked to ROI and income. Our customers believe the same thing, which is one reason we have been so successful in offering this service.

Another reason for our success is that we know that our path to success stems directly from the success of our customers. Our service is all about You. Your Referrals. Your Conversion Rates. Your Opt-In Subscribers. Your ROI. We built our service with all of these things in mind, and we are constantly on the lookout for new and better ways to improve our service and your results.

Our success at Tell A Friend King is built on our three guiding principals of respect, support, and excellence.

Our Three Guiding Principles:

  • Respect: We respect your business and your privacy. We don't advertise to your visitors with co-branding, or harvest your data.

    Our goal is to grow our company by providing an excellent service with great customer support, not to create an extra revenue stream by using questionable business practices.

    (Some of our customers do choose to link to us or mention our website. We appreciate the compliment, but it is not required.)

  • Support: If you need us, we are happy to help by Phone at 1-877-Tell-A-Friend (877-835-5237) or by Email.

    Tell A Friend King is so easy to use that we don't get many technical support requests, but we're still here if you need us.

  • Excellence: We fully expect to be the very best at what we do, and to constantly grow even better by helping our customers achieve even better results.

    We stay on top of changes in Internet technology and new ideas that may affect our service and customers. We regularly update our service to match advances in browser and email software, and automatically apply all updates to each of our customers.

    But staying current is not enough. We constantly improve our service by searching out new features and options, actively pursuing suggestions from our customers, and seeking to maximize the results - increased referrals, higher conversion rates, and useful feedback - that are enjoyed by our customers.

Our customers like results. That is why we are so confident in our Free Trial as a conversion tool. We've seen how well it works. We KNOW that our service, properly used, will show real results and pay for itself many times over. This is why so many people who try us out with a Free Trial end up being our customers.

We don't even need payment information to start your Free Trial.

Unlike many companies that offer free trials, we have no need to try to "trick" people into signing up for our service because they forgot to cancel.

If you don't love our service during your free trial, all you have to do to cancel it is... nothing! It will automatically cancel itself.

Of course, just starting your Free Trial is not enough - you have to actually use the service to get results. In fact, of the people who don't become customers after trying our service, most of them are the ones who got no results because they didn't use the service. They are the ones who sign up, decide to add the service to their website later, and never get around to it. However, those people aside...

We know that if you start your free trial, add the service to your website, and follow our guidelines for getting more referrals, your results will justify the small investment in our service many times over, and you will end up signing up.

Why would anyone turn down a Free Trial for a membership this good?

Maybe it's hard to use? Nope! It's easy! If you can paste a bit of text into your website, you can add our service. And if you can't, we'll do it for you!

Perhaps it costs too much? Unlikely! Membership with Tell A Friend King is pretty reasonable, and can easily pay for itself with just a few referrals. Our results justify the investment many times over.

Prefer a "free" service or script downloaded from somewhere?
If you have read this page and still honestly think you can get better results from installing some script on your own server, or a "free" service (scroll up a bit to see what we think of those), then go ahead - give it a try.

We wish you the best, and we'll be here when you are ready.
Now, can you see why we are so dismayed at the industry standard that says we only have a 1-2% chance of converting you if you weren't referred here?

That would mean about a 98% chance that you are about to leave without trying our service, even though we would have let you try it for
FREE for two weeks!

A 98% chance that you will never see if we really did improve your conversion rates, add opt-in subscribers to your list, bring you more business, and help you get more ROI for the time and money you've already invested in your website.

A 98% chance that you won't see how quickly our service pays for itself (over and over), fall in love with it during your free trial, and sign up. That's depressing!

See how conversion rates effect the bottom line?

(Well, if you're going to leave, do us a favor before you go, and click HERE to tell some of your friends about this page. You must know someone who wants more referrals from their website, and we will have about TEN TIMES as much chance of converting them as usual, since they were referred here.)

Now, if you are still here, are you ready to take our service for a free test drive?

Ready to see if we really can help you get more referrals, more customers, more high-quality opt-in subscribers, higher conversion rates, and better ROI for your website?


We feel absolutely confident in offering our free trial to you because...

Results are guaranteed - you get a fully functional account, just like our regular members, with ample time to test it out. You don't sign up, or pay us a thing, until you are 100% sure that we are perfect for you.

There is no risk - We don't need payment information to start your trial. If you don't love the service enough to come back and sign up, the trial will cancel itself and save you the trouble.

We've been tested, and passed with flying colors - You are getting access to the fastest-growing, most successful, professional word of mouth / tell a friend marketing solution available online today.

Our competition may copy our marketing, but they can't copy our quality, our innovation, our customer service, or our success. There is only one Tell A Friend

Our Trial Conversion Rate (percentage of trials who sign up) is about SIX TIMES the average for Internet services with free trials. We've been tested and proven, again and again, by the only test that matters - our customers.

And, most importantly - The bottom line. You get better results from your existing website and traffic. Tell A Friend marketing leads to more referrals, higher conversion rates, quality opt-in subscribers, new leads, more revenue (e-commerce sites), great feedback, and increased ROI. What else is there to say?

Start My
Free Trial!

( Backed by our "Better Than Money-Back" Guarantee )

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