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As an online entrepreneur, it can seem like half your time is spent on building credibility.

The design and content of your website, articles, newsletters, ad copy, site copy, audio/video web presentations, e-books, testimonials, case studies, service and product guarantees - the list just goes on and on.

You do all this for a variety of reasons, but one of the biggest, that touches on everything, is credibility.

People need to BELIEVE you to do business with you.

This is one reason why referrals are so much better than other traffic sources - credibility. This isn't just viral marketing - the credibility is contagious too.

When you are presented to a prospect by someone they trust, they transfer that trust to you.

That means you get INSTANT credibility, which means your visitors are more likely to do business with you.

Quick Tip:

Each referral should include a short, personal message from you, along with the message from the person sending the referral. Don't be too promotional - just introduce yourself and invite them to visit your website.

You can add a message to your referral emails using the "Message To Recipient" field in your form settings.

The bottom line?

A referral gives you real credibility in the mind of a new visitor - your job is halfway done before they even SEE your website.

They're more likely to do business with you, right off the bat, which in turn means a happier bottom line =o)

That's it for today - I hope this email was helpful!

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