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Who gets a lot of referrals from Tell A Friend Marketing? Does it only work for e-commerce sites?

This is a question I hear a lot - people see "tell a friend" on so many big e-commerce sites that they begin to wonder if it works for other sites as well.

In fact, only a fraction of our members are e-commerce sites.

We have tons of success stories from sites based on services, content, articles, bulletin boards, online communities, auto-responder gateways, blogs, and simple "company brochures".

Here's a secret to success with tell a friend marketing: It's more important HOW you use the service than what kind of site you have.

(See a few tips at

Here, in no particular order, are a few examples sites using tell a friend marketing with great results:

A web-design resource and clip art site42,700 referrals
A tourism and travel center19,800 referrals
A religious and spiritual blogger114,900 referrals
A pop-culture memorabilia e-commerce site 2,300 referrals
A technical news and reviews online community 4,700 referrals
An interesting facts and articles site 5,000 referrals
A new book promotion by an author 69,600 referrals
A website that... well, we don't know exactly what it does. None of us knows that language. 3,300 referrals
A discount coupon website 1,300 referrals
A bible search and interpretation site 1,200 referrals
An information and membership site for the reduction of global warming and carbon dioxide emissions 2,600 referrals
An e-commerce site for sports memorabilia 22,900 referrals
A Spanish poetry showcase 46,400 referrals
An online job search and discussion board 14,900 referrals
A personal finance and life coach 20,100 referrals
A software site for an auto-responder 12,500 referrals
A recipe site 8,000 referrals
An innovative baby seat manufacturer 2,100 referrals
A Canadian gospel music promotion website 3,400 referrals
An e-commerce site specializing in antique dolls 700 referrals
A writer, poet, and inspirational speaker 2,800 referrals
A reading resource site for teachers and parents 16,200 referrals
A local music group's website 4,200 referrals
A southwest collectibles e-commerce site 1,400 referrals
A pain-relief and health specialist 1,300 referrals
A fantasy art and collectibles e-commerce website 1,200 referrals
A psychiatrist and marriage counselor 2,500 referrals
A patchwork and embroidery art site 1,300 referrals
An online event registration website 1,000 referrals
An online T-Shirt catalog 7,200 referrals.

These sites have been members for between 3 months and 2.5 years. Of course, referral numbers are rounded down to the nearest hundred, and actual site details are not shown for obvious reasons.

The bottom line?

Any type of website can get great results from tell a friend marketing.

HOW you use your tell a friend is more important than what type of website you have. Just be sure to use it in the way that best fits your own needs.

That's it for today - I hope this email was helpful!

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