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Want more repeat business with almost no marketing expense?

If you're using email marketing the way you should be, every person who comes in contact with your business is strongly encouraged to join your opt-in email list.

Once they join, they receive useful newsletters, special deals, and reminders, to keep them coming back again and again, right?

Instead of selling to them once, you sink your teeth in and get them twice, three times, ten?

If not, I know a fast, easy, low-cost way to improve your bottom line!

For myself, I buy almost everything online, from computers to food, and most of my own purchases come from email reminders or special offers. In fact, most of my spending goes to companies I've used before, who now email me regularly.

That's not a coincidence, nor is it uncommon.

The fact is, as an online business, you'd be crazy to jump through all the hoops it takes to get customers to your website, then let them get away with only making one purchase.

The name of the game is repeat business.

After all, most of the expense of getting a customer is spent before the first sale. After that, as long as you treated them well the first time, it should be much easier to keep selling to them.

It's less expensive too, there's no marketing expense to find them. You already know who they are and where to find them, and email is cheap.

This brings us to a huge, but often overlooked benefit of "tell a friend" marketing - the chance to add a LOT of subscribers to your opt-in email list, so you can add a TON of repeat business to your bottom line.

Think about this:
  • People who send referrals can opt-in with a single click from your referral form.
  • Even if you have another opt-in form on your website, let them join from the referral form too. Telling their friends how great you are will put them in the mood to hear more from you, and with two ways to opt-in, if they miss one form, they might join through the other.
  • These are VERY high quality subscribers. Imagine what you could do with a list of people who loved your site so much that they referred it to their friends?
Even better:
  • The people who RECEIVE referrals can opt-in too via a link in the referral email. Don't worry, they opt-in for themselves, nobody else can do it for them.
  • Many people send a referral to more than one person. You can often get several opt-ins from a single referral.
  • Since the referral email includes an opt-in link, people can join your mailing list even before they visit your website. In fact, in some circumstances, you may even want to have a referral form specifically for people to invite their friends to join your mailing list.
  • These are also VERY high quality subscribers, since you gain instant credibility by being referred by somebody they know. The job is half done before they ever see your website.
The bottom line?

Each referral you get has the potential to gain you several opt-in subscribers.

This can "rocket-blast" your opt-in email list, which can have a huge impact on your repeat business, leading to a happy bottom line =o)

That's it for today - I hope this email was helpful!

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