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How would you like to reach the people you can't reach?

Sounds like some weird, trick-question, catch-22, doesn't it? Don't worry, it will make sense in a minute, because I'm actually asking in terms of your website marketing.

Think about this:
  • Your marketing and ads reach a certain number of people.
  • Some of those people visit your website.
  • Some of those visitors do business with you.
But there are still plenty of people your advertising doesn't reach. Some of them need what you have, and would do business with you, if they knew you existed.

How do you reach those people?

The answer is simple - through referrals.

You may not be reaching these people, but your visitors can.

That's one major benefit of "Tell A Friend" marketing - the ability to go beyond other advertising, reaching people who would never have heard of you and turning them into interested visitors.

The bottom line?

Tell A Friend referrals send information about you, your message, your product, service, etc, THROUGH the people you CAN reach TO the people you CAN'T.

People who don't even know you exist will suddenly know about you, and become targeted, interested visitors.

That's the power of viral marketing.

That's it for today - I hope this email was helpful!

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