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This is an online copy of an email you may have received. It is provided in case the original didn't display properly.

Are you concerned about spam or data harvesting on your tell a friend service?

New members sometimes ask if we co-brand, co-opt, harvest their data, put ads in referrals, or spam people who send or receive referrals.

They are well justified in asking, since so many online services do these things.

The answer, in our case, is absolutely not!

Our policies are firm:

  • We DON'T SPAM the people who send or receive referrals.
  • We DON'T market to your opt-in list or sell it to brokers.
  • We DON'T sell advertising space on your referrals.
  • We DON'T harvest your data for ourselves, or sell it.
  • We DON'T co-brand your referrals (see my note below).
The bottom line?

Your data and opt-in list are protected, respected, and YOURS.

We respect your privacy, and the privacy of those who use your referral form.

That's it for today - I hope this email was helpful!

A note about co-branding: We do offer an optional affiliate program, and if you join it, you will have the option of adding a link to your referrals, which will show our brand. However, that is entirely up to you.

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