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FAQ: Conversions and Conversion Rates

What's a Conversion?

A "Conversion" is a visitor who takes a desired action on your website.

In other words, if a person visits your website and does what you want, providing real benefit, rather than just leaving, it counts as a conversion.

Conversion is the difference between "Just another visitor" and "Yes, a new Customer!"

The converting action is usually a purchase, but could be some other action like contacting you to become a sales lead, subscribing to your newsletter, completing a survey, reading an article, or signing up for a service.

The "Conversion Rate" of a website is the percentage of visitors who become conversions. It is an excellent measure of the success of your website.

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Conversions vs. Traffic

Because a large amount of traffic is often the result of a successful website, many have erroneously come to believe that simply increasing the amount of traffic will make a site more successful - a misconception that is strengthened by many of the companies who sell web traffic services.

This means that, all too often, website marketing plans focus solely on increasing traffic and completely neglect conversion rates.

This can be a terrible mistake because traffic is often a very inaccurate measure of how well a website is doing, especially when measured in "hits". (See A Note About Hits Below)

The truth is that traffic is important, but conversions are equally or more important, and that calls for the right traffic. Quality traffic that consists of interested, relevant people who want what you have and are ready to do business.

This is where Tell A Friend King fits in. Our referral system is designed to bring very high quality traffic with a high conversion rate.

Because in traffic, Quality is King!

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A Note About Hits:

Many of our customers ask us questions related to hits.

A hit is simply a count of how often a file - any type of file, or even the same file over and over - is downloaded from your website.

In fact, the file doesn't even have to be a page, but can be an image or stylesheet. For example, if you have a page with 10 images on it, a single visit to that page can cause hits to all 10 images, plus the page itself, causing 11 hits!

Even worse, a huge number of hits on many websites comes from webbots and not people! A single visit from a webbot can cause dozens or hundreds of hits without the site ever being visited by a person.

Many websites have better web statistics than just information about hits. The number of unique visitors or the number of pages viewed can be a much better measure of relevant traffic to the website.

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