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The Power of Impulse Referrals

Most people LOVE to share when they find a great bargain, useful service, or interesting information.

The impulse to share a 'great find' is strong and immediate, but not very durable - quickly forgotten if not satisfied immediately.

Even if they loved it, most visitors won't remember your website next time they are talking to somebody. However, they will share it right there on the spot - if given the opportunity.

This is why it is so important to catch that impulse and turn it into a referral right there on the spot - and that's exactly what Tell A Friend King does.

We increase your referral rate by letting visitors satisfy their impulse to share before it is forgotten. More referrals also means a higher conversion rate, because a referral from a trusted source can make all the difference in turning "just another visitor" into a customer.

Visitors are far more likely to recommend you if they can do so, right there, right then, just by clicking a button!

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