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Tell A Friend King Features:

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 • Features - Advanced "Tell A Friend" Referral Engine.
 • Features - Build Your Opt-In List FAST.
 • Features - Design & Branding.
 • Features - Reporting & Statistics.
 • Features - Ease Of Use.
 • Features - Incentives.
 • Features - Great Support.
 • Features - Security & Spam Prevention.
 • Features - A Few Things We DON'T Do.

Tell A Friend Features
  Turn Your Visitors Into Referral Magnets!
You'll love it!
  • Receive referrals from your website or email
    • with any type of website.
    • with your email.
  • Route referrals easily
    • the page referred by the sender.
    • ...from one page to another.
    • any page you choose.
  • Build your traffic and opt-in list FAST
    • ...with multiple referrals at once.
    • ...with multiple opt-ins per referral.
    • ...allow the sender and all recipients to opt-in.
  • Maximize your referrals.
    • ...unlimited "tell a friend" referrals - more info.
    • ...multiple options to add to your site and make sure it gets used.
  • Security? We've got you covered!
    • ...graphical challenge (CAPTCHA) prevents automated spam and abuse.
    • ...We also have live security staff, automatic monitoring, adaptive pattern analysis, and multiple layers of abuse prevention.
  • Other great features
    • SSL available - works perfectly with your secure pages.
    • ...visitors won't be scared off by broken lock or insecure item alerts.
    • ...friendly to SEO. Doesn't damage your search engine rankings.
    • from abuse, spambots, spiders, etc - see security features.
    • ...won't be blocked by popup blockers.
    • ...always current with automatic, hands-off, self-installing, updates - free for life.
    • features added automatically for free.
    • ...includes real-time notifications, reports, and statistics.
    • ...multiple confirmation options for the sender after making a referral.
    • ...include your own message, special offer, coupons, rewards, or other content.
    • ...control subject, if sender can change it, default message, number of recipients, and more.
    • ...uses your own logo and colors. Looks great!
    • ...lets you control the number of recipients allowed or required.
  • Your referral buttons
    • ...can use any image, animated gif, roll-over, etc.
    • ...can match the design of your website 100%.
    • ...can use text hyperlinks written right into your content (very effective).
    • ...can be added to any number of pages, site navigation, or both.
    • ...can be safely added to a page in more than one place.
    • ...are easy to add to your pages - just cut and paste.
  • Your referral email
    • customized with your logo and colors. Looks great!
    • ...features both HTML and "Plain Text" for compatibility with any email software.
    • ...can include your custom message, links, offers, images, or other content.
    • ...can include a customized opt-in link for each recipient.
    • ...shows the sender as the "from" and "reply-to" address, just as if they had sent the email from Outlook or GMail.
    • personalized and sent to each recipient individually (not "cc" or "bcc").
           Using "CC" or "BCC" could trigger spam filters or display other recipient email addresses.
    • almost never blocked by spam filters.
           Nobody can honestly say "never", but we're close!
    • sent directly through our secure, reliable, monitored 24/7 email servers.
    • sent from a trusted, non-blacklisted network, monitored for deliverability.
    • automatically resent if a temporary delivery error is detected.
Your visitors will love it!
  • Referring you can be so easy! Visitors will be telling friends left and right!
  • Your visitors
    • ... don't have to leave the page being referred.
    • ...can opt-in with a single click.
    • ...can refer a specific page (unless you "route to" another page).
    • ...can be forwarded to a reward page or receive special content and rewards.
    • ...can be rewarded for making a referral, or specific number of referrals.
    • ...can send referrals to multiple friends, quickly and easily.
    • ...can add a personal message to each referral.
    • ...sends referrals from their address, just as if they sent it from Outlook or GMail.
    • ...can "carbon copy self" on each referral as a reminder.
    • ...have name and email auto-filled after first use.
Your visitor's friends will love it!
  • Your referral recipients
    • ...receive an attractive, well formatted, individually addressed referral.
    • ...see a trusted name (the sender) as the email "from" line.
    • ...see themselves as the "to" line in the email, not "cc" or "bcc", or broadcast.
    • ...receive a personalized message and referral from someone they know.
    • ...can also get a message, special offer, coupon, or incentive from you.
    • ...can be encouraged to join your opt-in list.
    • ...can be linked to the specific page that was referred, or.
    • ...can be linked to any page of your choice.
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Build Your List (Newsletter Signup)
  Rocket-Blast Your Opt-In List or Newsletter...
     ...with multiple opt-in subscribers per referral!
List Building Options:
  • Build your list fast with multiple opt-ins per referral.
  • Let referral Senders join your list with easy "one-click" opt-in.
  • Let referral Recipients join your list too, with our "easy opt-in" link.
  • Set the default for the "one-click" opt-in to yes or no.
  • Valid opt-in. Sender and recipients can only add themselves, not each other.
  • Sophisticated opt-in list reporting with name, email, status, date-stamp, and more.
  • Download your list in .csv format for easy import to programs and auto-responders.
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Design & Branding
  Seamlessly Match Your Website Design.
     ...with easy customization options. Need help with your design?
Just ask - our design professionals will match Tell A Friend King to your brand and web design for you, free of charge.
Design & Branding Options:
  • Referral Buttons
    • ...can use any image, animated gif, rollover, etc.
    • ...can use our easy button creator.
    • ...can use text links, written directly into your content (very effective).
    • ...can match the design of your website 100%.
    • ...can be added multiple times with different buttons or linking text.
    • ...won't interfere with your design or other content on the page.
  • Referral Form
    • ...uses your logo, a full page header, or text header.
    • ...lets you set colors for the form, text, header, borders, background and more.
    • ...lets you set the height and width of the form window.
    • ...lets you add custom form content (text, images, HTML, Flash, Video, etc).
    • compatible with all standard web browsers.
  • Referral Email
    • ...can use your logo, image header, or text header.
    • ...lets you set colors for the text, header, borders, background and more.
    • ...lets you add custom email content (text, images, HTML, Flash, Video, etc).
    • ...includes alternate text version, nicely formatted for non-HTML email software.
    • compatible with all standard email software.
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Reports & Statistics
  Stay Informed With Up-To-The-Minute Reports, Statistics, and Notifications.
Powerful, Real-Time, Reporting:
  • Instant Notification:
    • Receive instant notifications with referral data (optional).
  • Real-Time Reporting:
    • Reports and statistics are current up to the minute.
  • "Do Not Track" Options:
    • Tracking and reporting can be disabled to meet even the strictest privacy policy.
    • Statistics and data can be deleted at any time.
    • Many options can be partially disabled.
      Example: Keep referral archive and sender info, but do not keep recipient info unless recipient opted in.
  • Opt-In List Reporting: (Optional)
    • View up to date opt-in list filtered by:
      • date range,
      • senders and/or recipients,
      • number of opt-ins vs. non-opted,
      • date of referral
      • date of opt-in (for delayed recipient opt-in)
      • specific fields,
      • other options
    • Download opt-in list, with filters, as a .csv file for excel or other programs.
    • Import your opt-in list to the program or auto-responder of your choice.
  • Referral Tracking & Statistics: (Optional)
    • View up to date referral statistics by:
      • totals,
      • date, month, day, etc.
      • page popularity,
      • number of recipients per referral
      • referrals by referrer (who has sent how many referrals)
  • Referral Data Archive:
    • Option to store and view all referral data.
    • View date, sender, recipients, page, subject, message, opt-in status, timestamped settings, etc.
    • Download all data as a .csv file for easy processing or import to other software.
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Ease of Use
  How Easy Is It?
Getting started...
  • Programming? Scripting? Server installation? Never!
  • Start your free trial, set a few preferences, cut and paste. That's It.
  • No programming. No server scripts. No config files. No security issues. No hackers or web-bots sending thousands of spam emails. No email server issues. No delivery issues. No browser compatibility issues. No going out of date and not working with new browsers. No server compatibility issues. No breaking if you change server types or hosts. No version problems. No difficult updates or patching. No... well, you get the idea.
Staying up to date...
  • ...couldn't be easier. Literally! Because You Don't Have To Do ANYTHING.
  • You will ALWAYS be current with up-to-date technology.
  • You will NEVER have to download or install a new version.
  • Updates are free for life.
  • Updates are self-installing. Instant, automatic, and hands-off.
  • New features are available automatically for free.
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Incentives, Special Offers, Promotions:
  Give your visitors even more reason to tell their friends about you.
Incentives and Promotional Options:
  • Add special offers, links, coupons, and other content to the referral form.
  • Add special offers, links, coupons, and other content to the referral form.
  • Give the sender a special code, download, or other content, right after the referral.
  • Require the sender to make a certain number of referrals to unique recipients.
  • Track "referrals by referrer" to reward those who make the most referrals.
  • Download .csv data file and import referrers to your own programs and promotions.
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Member Support:
  We're happy to help!
Is support a feature? We think so!
More than just "tech-support"
  • Phone and email support for both trial and full members.
  • Our staff are friendly AND know what they're doing. (No script readers here)
  • Technical Support:
    • We're happy to help with setting up your service, adding it to your website, explaining settings and options, and handling any technical issues that may arise.
    • In many cases, we can add the service to your website for you, or create an example page for your convenience.
  • Design & Branding Support:
    • Need a little help getting your button or form to match your website?
    • Need help with your logo or page header?
    • We're here if you need us!
  • Strategic / Marketing Support:
    • Want some advice on how best to get referrals?
    • We're happy to spend a few minutes discussing your needs, point out useful articles, or have a look at your website and make some pointers.
    • After all - we've been doing this long enough to see what works.
Professional Quality Software:
Support isn't just about helping you solve problems,
it's about PREVENTING problems before they happen.

That's why we consider the quality of our software to be part of our support.
  • Built and managed by a well-established, successful software company.
  • Maintained and monitored by expert web professionals.
  • Fully supported mission-critical software - not just a "website script".
  • Protected from spiders, spam-bots, automatic scripts, and other spam generators.
  • Never obsolete - keeps pace with changing web technologies.
  • Served from a protected network in a world-class datacenter.
  • Does not depend on your web host, server, or platform.
  • Is "actively developed" with member feedback, and new features added often.
  • When new problems arise - compatibility with new technologies, security issues, hacking and spamming techniques, browser issues, email issues, or unforeseen problems - we take care of them BEFORE they effect you.
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Private, Secure & SPAM Free!
  Solid, no-nonsense security.
Secure, Protected, & SPAM Free:
  • Secure System, Data Protected:
    • Your member area is secure, password protected, and uses SSL encryption.
    • Our secure servers are hosted in a world-class datacenter with a secure, firewalled network, monitored 24/7, and use the highest level of digital and physical security.

    Safe, Secure, and SPAM-FREE
    Spam- & Abuse-Free Zone:
    As "tell a friend" marketing increases in popularity, referral systems are increasingly becoming the object of abuse by spammers. Even the big guys like YouTube have been hit.
    A badly made, unprotected, "tell a friend" form can be a disaster. Spammers can send out hundreds of thousands of email messages in a matter of minutes.
    This wastes your server resources, can get your website shut down, damages your reputation for email delivery, and can flood your phone lines and email with irate people who think YOU spammed them.
    It can also cause legal problems, since spam is against the law.

    A lot of "tell a friend" systems just add CAPTCHA (graphical challenge), to prevent automated abuse, but that's not enough.
    There are a few problems with depending only on CAPTCHA:
    • It can be beaten: Many CAPTCHA systems are already beaten. Even if it works today, there's no assurance that it will still work tomorrow.
    • Making everyone who wants to refer you type a security code seems like punishing your good users for the abuses of just a few.
    • It's not very friendly to the visually impaired.

    We do offer a CAPTCHA option, so you can challenge every referral if you like, but it's not necessary. Suspicious users will be challenged automatically.

    And that is only one step in our proprietary, no-nonsense, adaptive, multi-layer spam and abuse prevention system.

    We also have live security staff, automatic monitoring, adaptive pattern and network analysis, and multiple layers of abuse prevention, including multiple CAPTCHA routines of escalating difficulty.

    • Our system is protected from spiders, spambots, automatic scripts, human hackers, and spammers.
    • In our years in business, we have never had a serious system breach involving SPAM, and we work hard to keep it that way.
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A Few Things We DON'T Do.
  Your data and email list are protected, respected, and yours!
  • No Co-Branding, Co-Opt-In, or Data Sharing.
    • We DON'T sell, rent, spam, market to, or otherwise use your email list.
    • We DON'T co-brand or use your referral form or email as a billboard for ourselves.
    • We DON'T advertise to your visitors with popups, banners, etc.
    • We DON'T co-opt your mailing list or sell it to list brokers.
    • We DON'T harvest, sell, or otherwise share your data.
    • We DON'T market to people who send or receive referrals.
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