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Our "Better Than Money Back" Guarantee:

Have you ever wasted time trying to enforce a "money-back-if-you-can-prove-no-is-yes" guarantee? One where you have to jump through so many hoops it's almost impossible?

We don't like to admit it in public, but most of us here have fallen for that (once or twice).

We don't like that type of business one bit, and you probably don't either.

That's why, when it came time to sit down and figure out our own guarantee, the more cynical among us thought you might not believe us if we said "give us money and we'll give it back if you're not satisfied," no matter how many times we said things like "iron clad" "no strings" "absolutely no..." "risk free" "super duper" and "we'll give it back, we promise."

So we decided on this offer instead:

"Keep Your Money Until You're Satisfied."
  • Keep your money.
  • Use our service with no payment.
  • Like it? Join when you are ready.
  • Don't like it? No hard feelings - we'll part ways and you won't waste time getting your "money back."
Doesn't that sound better than paying to try us out, then asking for your money back if it doesn't work out?

That's why we offer our Zero-Risk, Free-Means-Free, No-Billing-Information, No-Automatic-Signup-If-You-Forget-To-Cancel, No-Hidden-Hassle, You-Don't-Give-Us-Any-Money-So-You-Don't-Have-To-Ask-For-It-Back, Full-Access, Two-Week Free Trial.

The name probably spoiled the surprise, but here's the deal:
  • Full membership access for two weeks - no "partial version" or "trial nag statement".
  • Billing information? Forget about it! It's a FREE Trial - why enter billing information?
  • Want to join? Go ahead.
  • Don't want to join? Do nothing - your trial will cancel itself automatically.
  • You won't be "accidentally" signed up if you forget to cancel.
Not satisfied? You won't pay us a dime, much less waste your time getting it back.

That beats jumping through hoops trying to get your "money back" any day of the week!

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