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Testimonials from a few of our customers:

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Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!

I tell you, I've been online full time since 2001. I've seen a lot. But rarely have come across this sort of quality service.

I'm delighted with your system, but more importantly, I'm 100% more impressed with your genuine care and attention to details. What you have demonstrated to me is "stellar service."

You deserve tremendous success. Keep up your great work of passion. I'm super impressed and very grateful.


Bob Dignard-Fung
President and Founder
Escazu, Costa Rica

As a small business, I know how important word-of-mouth is...and the least expensive form of advertising, too! When I tried the free trial for Tell A Friend King, I immediately started getting referrals. I knew then I would probably become a customer, but I did have a few questions about setting up the referral form, etc. My questions were answered in detail and faster than I could imagine. It was their customer service that convinced me to become a loyal customer and the hundreds of referrals I've received since only ensure that I will remain one!

Linda Ellis

I am so thrilled to have found your service. Your customer support is second to none.

I looked at so many 'free' 'tell a friend' sites & was very frustrated with being inundated with pop up ads & advertising. I was so happy to find your service. There are absolutely no hidden advertisements or marketing. The code is SO easy to use!

Your responses were incredibly fast & Eli (Customer Service) was fantastic in helping me with my unique site issues. I was only 3 days into the free trial before signing up for the platinum membership.

Thank you so much for your support. I am excited to have this feature on my site & highly recommend you to anyone.


Ive been very pleased with the service that Tell A Friend King offers.

The setup was extremely easy. The staff was also very helpful when I had a few questions.

After experimenting with placement of the referral button and some other things, we were able to get over 2000 referrals in our first three months. Id guess that we convert at 10-20% from your referrals.

Brian Feeny

I am soooo impressed with this program!

You people rock! I will definitely tell our friends about this who own web sites as well.

We will be buying the best package U have! We are so happy we found you!

Cindy Fournier

This is a fantastic service - just what I was looking for - thank you.

( This was an anonymous post to our Customer Control Panel Suggestion Box )

Today I was searching for a refer a friend form for my new fly fishing contest page. I ran across and signed up for the trial package.

I was under the gun to get this form on my site and the contest page live by the next day. Not being familiar with this kind of service I struggled some to get the form working on my site. So I called for support and explained my situation to them.

They fixed up the form in about 15 minutes so it looks super to me and works like a charm. What makes a great company is superior customer support. I certainly can say that fills that requirement.

Here are some other benefits, the company does not cobrand its forms either. And the forms are very customizable.

Form works great, superior customer support and the price is right too. Best of all worlds.

Visit our home page at for a contest page link.

Marshall Estes, Editor

Tell A Friend King has been great addition to our website ( It allows our customer base of college students to easily point their friends and family members to a very specific piece of merchandise.

The installation support from Tell A Friend King was great. We had a couple questions that were emailed to them and we got an answer that worked immediately.

I would recommend this site to any store that wants to offer their customers the ability to recommend a product to their friends.

Michael Galbus

Dear Tell A Friend King People,

Thanks for making this so easy to set up without any programming! Whats really great is that all referral information can be stored (and is easily accessible).

That way, I can understand on my sites audience by reading what they wrote to their friends. What a great feedback tool now I can tell what people think of my site.

Matthew Windwer

I tested many tell-a-friend services for my website But after comparing the features provided and the cost, your service was the best choice. It's very easy to use and configure.

Your technical support is excellent. I emailed you a question and got a reply immediately. I was totally impressed.

I will definitely recommend your service to my friends.

Manjit Kaur

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